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read_exchange_structure is a command-line application which reads a text STEP Part 21 data exchange file. In the default (no command line arguments) the application reads from standard input and exits silently, with return code 0. Options for interesting output is selected by command line arguments and can be one of:

  • A collection of Prolog ground clauses
  • A set of Logtalk objects
  • A summary of the types of instances present in the Part 21 file.

The application returns with error code 1 if a syntax or semantic error is encountered reading either the Part 21 file or associated EXPRESS schema file. Other run-time errors result in error code 2. In either case, messages are written to standard error stream.

This application is written in C++ and is compilable with the GCC 3.3 compiler. Source code and makefiles are included in this distribution. This application uses the open-source libxml2 (XML parser and toolkit) library and the Boost (C++ utilities) library. Source code and installation packages for these libraries are available at these sites:

This software is © 2006 by Vincent Marchetti (vmarchetti@kshell.com) and is distributed under the terms of the GNU public license.


Rev. 1.5.5; 27 Dec 2006